Math is Fun for Everyone!

Using games and activities in the home to reinforce the math concepts taught at school is a great way to actively engage children in the learning process!  Working mathematics into the everyday activities you do in your home will only enhance your child's learning experience.  Below are a few ideas on how to teach reinforce the concept of probability with your children...They will be so busy having fun they won't even know they are doing math

Attention parents:

-Games are available upon request for week night and weekend sign out.  Please speak to the teacher to arrange signing out these games!

-Most games can be purchased through and

-1 Computer is available in our classroom to access online resources.  Please speak to the teacher to arrange a time to check it out!

Dice Works Volume III

Written by: Joanne Currah and Jane Felling
ISBN: 0-9681613-7-5
K - Gr. 9

Dice Works contains 80 games, 10, 12 and 20-sided dice and the potential for teaching and exploring math concepts including probability. 

Suggested for various grade levels and an easy to follow appendix of skills help guide students and parents to
appropriate activities.  Try it out with your child!

Deluxe Probability Kit


Developed by: NCTM standards
ISBN Code: LSP0226-C
Learning Resources
Grade 4-8

This Probability Kit contains several materials and games geared to helping students develop a better understanding of Probability.  Offering students a fun and interactive way to reinforce math concepts can be a rewarding experience for both the student and parents!

Double Dare You - Amazing Math Games using Double Dice 

Written by: Joanne Currah and Jane Felling
ISBN: 0-9695276-0-8
Age 6-15

Double Dare You incorporates the use of special double dice: Regular Doubles, 10-sided (0-9) Doubles, and Three-In-A-Cube Dice. Contains over 30 game ideas to teach the operations, probability, fractions, problem solving and more. We "Double Dare You" to add some fun to your math games class or at home! Comes with 11 double dice.

Probability Games
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File Type: pdf
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Kids Zone - NCES

Kid Zone

Log on to the Kids' Zone website for fun online games that allow students to learn about Probability based on the rolling of dice.

As well as providing a fun and interactive approach to learning, this site offers definitions, examples and reasons why we get the results we do when exploring probability and chance.

Explore this site for other math concept games, quizzes and much more!

Fun Resources and Online Games:
Math Frog

Math Frog
Grade 6

Math Frog includes many math games for all grade and skill levels.  Log on and check out the 'Spinner Game' for Probability concepts.

This vitural manipulative game allows students to follow easy to use instructions, spin the spinner as many times as they want and record their results. 

Results of the spins are tallied and combined with any previous results.  The resulting data will be shown in a histogram.

Grade 6 Math Website Games - eNVLM

Math Website Games

This site offers many creative online games for all math strands.  Access games and videos on Probability, experimental Probability and predictions by following the above link.  The variety of games in htis site expose students to many examples that help keep learning fun, interesting and engaging.