Here are some sample probibility questions we can explore:

1. Interactive coin toss: If we tossed a coin 100 times how many times would we recode heads and tails?  What would happen if we tossed the coin 1,000 times?  Lets find out using the link below!  Here students can discover the difference between experimental and theorhetical probability.  The website allows the student to determin the number of tosses and then organizes data into a list, table or ratio.

2. Interactive Spinner: If we create a spinner with 4 equally sized quadrents what is the theoretical probability of us landing on each quadrant? If there were 6, 7 or 8 quadrants?  What happens when we actually spin?  Are the theoretical and experimental probability the same?
Lets find out using the link below students can see how experimental and theoretical probability is determined.  The website allows students to determine the number of spins you make and hte number of coloured sections on the spinner.  It than calculates the experimental and theoretical probability of the spins right before your eyes.