PDF Documents:
These pdf documents will be helpful to you in understanding and assisting your children with the study of probibility.  They are also free so try them first before going out to purchase resource books!

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Investigating Probability
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Probability Games
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Resource Books:

Books can be an excellent resource for students.  As our Grade 6 students are currently working on Probability, the following books can offer additional information.  All of the books that are listed below can be located via the Teachers Scholars Choice site:


Attention Parents:
-Resource books and Picture books are available upon request and can be signed out for a period of one week. Please use the book sign out page to request a book! 
-Picture books can be found in most Public Libraries or for purchase at Chapters book store and Amazon.com.

In All Probability: Investigation in Probability and Data Analysis

By: Jaine Kopp
ISBN: 1-931542-07-4
GEMS Teacher's Guide
Grade 3-5

This resource book includes many games, lessons, worksheets and information regarding probability, prediction and data management.

Ideal for students that may require additional support in the area of probability and core concepts

Daily Problems and Weekly Puzzlers

By: David Yeager
Grade 5 Edition - ISBN 1-56451-197-9
Grade 6 Edition - ISBN 1-56451-198-7

These math work books provide many problems and questions for all math strands including Probability and Data Management.

Picture Books that can be used to help reinforce the understanding of probability:

Probably Pistachio

Written by: Stuart J. Murphy
ISBN-10: 0-06-446734-1

Illustrated by: Marsha Winborn
Level 2 book (age 6+)

This colourfully illustrated story offers many different examples of how probability comes up in everyday situations.  Students at any level can apply these concepts to similar situations in their own lives to make a deeper connection to the understanding of probability.

This story includes prompting questions parents can work on with their child at home.  This is an ideal story for students struggling with concepts of probability.

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Written by: Judi Barrett
Illustrated by: Ron Barrett
ISBN: 0-689-30647-4

Grade 3-4+

This wonderfully imaginative story is a wonderful way to engage students and introduce probability concepts into the home or classroom.  Using examples from the story and

other student examples, we can develop lessons regarding prediction and probability.

Using charts and visual aids to illustrate prediction and probability as well as outcomes can be included in lessons where this book is used. 

Do You Wanna Bet?  Your Chance to Find Out About Probability

Written by: Jean Cushman and Illustrated by: Martha Weston
ISBN: 0-395-56516-2
Grade 4-6+

This chapter book explores several practical games and questions you can work on with your child at home or within the classroom environment. 

Situations and examples range in levels to offer a wide variety of learning opportunities to further understanding, progress and development.

Helpful Tools for Parents:

Attention Parents:
-Dice worksheets are available upon request. 
-Dice can be borrowed/signed out from the teacher or purchased at any Walmart or MasterMind store.

Simply using dice to demonstrate concepts of Probability is a very effective tool for parents to use at home.

Try downloading Probability Dice worksheets that can be found online or from your students Teacher to practice at home.  An example is shown below:


Have online access? 
Try these virtual manipulatives!

Attention Parents:
1 Computer is available in our classroom to access online resources.  Please use the online sign up sheet to arrange a time to check it out!



Many households now have internet access. 

Try logging on to the National Library of Virtual Manipulatives for a helpful, fun to use tool right at your finger tips!  This site allows students to explore different interactive tools that help reinforce concepts of Probability.